8 Must-Have Fire Pit Accessories

Accessories make fire pits more versatile and when it comes to buying or upgrading them, quality is at the top of our list. Breeo is the brand that stood above the rest as it offers durable and innovative products. Though expensive, these are definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for longevity, functionality, and aesthetics. Here are the must-have fire pit accessories from Breeo.

1. X Series Lid

Just like everything the brand makes, the X Series Lid is made to last. It is made out of 304 stainless steel which is the same as the fire pits. The solid handle makes it easy to put the lid on or take it off. Aside from keeping debris and rain out of your pit when it’s not in use, you can also turn it into a tabletop. It’s classy, works well, fits perfectly, makes sense, and is easy to clean.

2. Fire Pit Cover

Like the X Series Lid, the Fire Pit Cover is also designed to keep the aesthetic perfection of your fire pit with its added extra layer of protection. It keeps it clean by preventing debris from gathering inside the pit. The cover is made with marine-grade, water-resistant fabric and it features a drawstring that allows you to firmly secure it. But remember to only use the cover when the fire pit is not in use and completely cool.

3. Outpost™ Heat Deflector

If you want to maximize the hot airflow from your pit, a heat deflector is a must and will keep you warm during colder days. Breeo’s heat deflector is the only adjustable deflector in today’s market and it surely outlasts and outperforms other competition. It’s made of stainless steel, compatible with Y and X Series fire pits, and has adjustable height. If you don’t have the Outpost Rod, make sure to include it in your purchase as this item is designed to work with the rod.

4. 304 Fire Poker

This sturdy yet well-balanced tool will keep your fire burning bright. It features a multi-use tip that allows you to adjust, push, and pull logs. The hook is for adjusting and lifting, the tapered point is great for grip, the serrated edge is for moving coals and rolling logs, and the flat edge can be used for clearing ash. It also has a full-grained leather loop, utility notch, and chisel point, and is made out of 304 stainless steel.

5. Outpost™ Grill

If you and your family love over-the-fire cooking, this grill is your ultimate grilling system. It’s engineered for maximum durability, portability, and heat control ideal for all of your camping needs and adventures. It comes with a carrying bag and a detachable anchor point system. Moreover, it’s fully adjustable and compatible with all Y and X Series fire pits.

6. Spark Screen

This spark screen is solidly built and specifically designed for your Breeo fire pits. It ensures safety and protects surrounding objects, is made from 304 stainless steel, and includes a stabilizing clip. It’s easy to use and put together, keeps sparks at bay, and looks incredible.

17. Ash Shovel

To keep and maintain a smokeless burn, use the Breeo Ash Shovel to easily clean around the brand’s patented airflow system. Getting the ash out is essential and this indispensable tool does it easily. It’s also affordable, high quality, and very durable.

8. Breeo Base

The Breeo Base is necessary for surface protection which allows you to use your Luxeve or X Series fire pit anywhere. It’s made of low-maintenance, durable stainless steel, multi-surface safe, easy to use, and has superior heat and airflow protection. Additionally, it has an integrated aesthetic and design and is compatible with all Luxeve and X Series fire pits.