7 Must-Have Bundle Accessories for The Perfect Pizza

“You can’t make everyone happy; you’re not pizza.” But I believe you can make everyone happy by making pizza. Pizza-making is an art and requires the right tools. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered! Here is a list of the best bundle pizza-making accessories:

1. Ooni Peel Bundle 14-inch

Master the art of making pizza with this bundle of pizza peels.

Start with the perforated peel for spreading and setting a good base for your pizza. The perforations let the semolina and flour fall out before you start cooking. This gets your base crispy minus the sour taste of burnt flour.

With everything set up, you have to flip your pizza; fortunately, the set includes a turning peel. It lets you cook the pizza in the oven to achieve an even cook.

The peel is perfect for making 14-inch pizzas.


* 14-Inch perforated pizza peel
* Pizza turning peel

2. Ooni Prep & Proof Set

When you make the pizza dough, you have to let it sit and cover it for perfect taste. This is a prep and proof set. Place the dough in the container and cover it with the prep lid.

This sturdy bamboo pizza prep lid will tightly sniggle into the lid of the pizza dough boxes to add the perfect stretch, chop, slice, and top workspace to do your thing.

The dough boxes can haul up to 6 250g packs per box. The box includes multiple innovations for your pizza-making process, including molded handles for easy carrying, tapered walls for easily removing your dough balls, and the capacity to pile them on top of each other to save space. With this package, you can prep your pizza dough like a pro!


* Prep lid
* Pizza dough boxes

3. Inclusions

A party is not a party if there is no food. And there is no food better for your party than pizza. With these bindle accessories, you should have an easy time preparing flavorful pizza within a short while. Use the topping station to organize the flavor combination, check the temperature using the infrared thermometer, and take the turning peel to cook like the pizzaiolo you are.

Once you’re done cooking, take the pizza wheel to slice it perfectly and serve it in style using the bamboo peel.


* Turning peel
* Topping station
* Professional cutter wheel
* Turning wheel
* Pizza peel & serving board
* Digital infrared thermometer

4. Cast Iron Set

This cast iron bundle is perfect for cooking your pizza in the oven. Fortunately, it is a multi-purpose set, so later on, you can bake bread or fish; use this high-end, sturdy cooking set with any flame-prepared dish.


* Cast iron sizzler pan
* Double-sided grizzler plate
* Cast iron skillet pan
* cast iron grizzler pan

5. The Organized Chef’s Essentials

Making pizza has never been this easy! Thanks to this inclusive set, you can make many pizzas like a pro; use the dough scrapper to remove dough from tacky counters, cut it into sizable balls, or lift it from the container. Write down your secret ingredient in the included pizza journal, and proof your dough into the clear glass bowls, which allow you to watch the dough ferment.


* Stack
* Pizza journal and notebook
* Bench scraper

6. The Superfan Set

This superfan set is a set to be proud of; from the apron and cooking apparatus to the pizza journal for your recipes, this is the perfect set to explore your love for pizza-making. Besides, you’ll find a cookbook with excellent recipes for the newbies. For the adventurist chef, this is the perfect set for rooftop cooking.


* Pizza journal and notebook
* Pizza socks
* Pizzaiolo apron
* Cookbook

7. Ultimate Pizzaiolo Set

Turn your kitchen into a professional cook space with top-of-the-line cooking tools, and amp your skills with the included Pizza Bible by Toni Gemignani. Use the apron, digital scale, proofing tray, dough scrapper, and topping station. Also, keep track of your progress by noting it in the included notebook.


* Bench scraper
* Topping station
* Twin platform digital scales
* Pizzaiolo apron
* Toni Gemignani’s The Pizza Bible
* Pizza journal and notebook