8 Unbelievable Furniture Pieces That Will Transform Your Home

1. The Bed

The key to a comfy and durable bed is a high-quality foundation. This walnut-colored frame is crafted using a timeless Japanese technique that makes it both very simple to assemble and extremely sturdy. With 9 inches of under-bed space, you’ll have plenty of extra room for additional storage.

2. The Nightstand

A nightstand isn’t there just for added decor – it’s supposed to be useful and make your life just a tad bit more manageable. This particular nightstand features a spacious drawer and plenty of open space below it to store your books and other nighttime essentials. Best of all – it has no metal – everything is made out of wood.

3. The Mattress

What’s a bed without a cozy mattress? Made out of two types of organic foam and all-natural latex, the Thuma mattress has natural cooling properties that will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Its memory foam design provides a medium firmness ideal for all activities.

4. The Dresser

A functionality unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the Dresser allows you to stack drawers however you want. Whether you like it higher or wider, the drawers come ready to nest and can be assembled without any tools. The soft-close functionality makes opening and closing virtually noise-free.

5. The Headboard

Upgrade your bed frame with a headboard made out of the same high-quality rubberwood that you’ve grown to love. The simplistic design makes it very easy to switch to the pillow board if you so desire. Its taller profile completes the look of your bed and provides additional support.

6. The Tray

If you need your essentials within hand’s reach, this powder-coated metal tray is going to be your favorite. The cork-padded rail connector seamlessly attaches to the bed frame and remains firmly on it. A raised-edge top prevents accidental spillage so you can keep your drinks on the tray without worrying.

7. The Daybed

The Daybed is a synonym for functionality. During the day it provides a perfect place to relax, take a break, or even do some work on your laptop. At night, you can rearrange the three billboards to your liking and set yourself up for an ideal sleep session. It takes just a couple of minutes for hours of enjoyment.

8. The Side Table

Minimalistic yet versatile, the side table utilizes space to the maximum. Adjustable height in combination with the offset stand makes the table usable even as a nightstand. The full metal design gives it plenty of durability, while the rubber feet protect your floor from scratches.