8 Must-Have Reusable Silicone Bags | Stasher Bags

More people are now choosing sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives for everyday-use products, especially single-use plastics. Stasher bags are the ultimate version of the traditional disposable Ziploc bags as they are incredibly versatile and easy to clean. They’re not only great for the environment, but each bag has really cute color options too, even tie-dye! With its durability and quality, these bags are definitely worth the investment. Here are the must-have reusable silicone bags from Stasher.

1. Pocket Bag

Don’t be fooled by this clever palm-size bag as it offers great convenience. For added discretion, both sides are lightly frosted which is perfect for an air-tight storage of tiny valuables. You can use the Pocket Bag for your IDs, credit cards, cash, grab-go snacks, dog treats, and more.

2. Go Bag

The Go Bag is made for adventurers. From hiking to touring the city, you can keep your essentials at your fingertips with the recycled, easy-clip aluminum carabiner. This bag is perfectly sized for your hand sanitizers, phone, cards, cash, and other travel must-haves. Make sure to remove the carabiner before placing the bag in the oven, dishwasher, or microwave.

3. Snack Bag

You can never go wrong with having a bit of a snack on the go. You can pre-packed sweet munchies so you can have some whenever and wherever you feel low on sugar. You can also keep your phone or valuables dry if you’re sailing into the sunset or commuting in the rain. The touchscreen works through the bag so it’s the perfect waterproof pouch for your phone.

4. Stand-Up Mini Bag

The Stand-Up Mini Bag is ideal for saucy snacks or leftovers. You can store your favorite dips, cheese, avocados, or essentials like wipes, sunscreens, and hand sanitizers. This thoughtfully designed bag has the perfect amount of space for your needs. It’s leak-free, stands on its own, is ideal for single serve, and has a 90. seal that opens wider.

5. Sandwich Bags

Every household needs sandwich bags and this total crowd-pleaser is also a 2022 Wirecutter Award Winner. Most people say that every Stasher enthusiasts start with this essential. Whether you’re packing lunch, meal prepping, or trying to keep your lotion from exploding into your bag, this reusable bag is for you.

6. Stand-Up Mid Bag

Out of the Stasher lineup, the Stand-Up Mid Bag is a well-loved size for convenience. You can keep your food fresh or seal any leftover soups in this bag. Perfect for bulk shopping, marinade masters, and meal prep. It can stand on its own and can replace half-gallon plastic bags.

7. Half Gallon Bag

The Half Gallon Bag is a must for those who love to cook. This bad boy is the ideal sous vide bag and can hold two strips of steaks. Moreover, the brand’s tallest bag can protect your purse from spilling takeouts or wet clothes. It’s also a popular diaper bag essential, great for freezer stacking. can replace half-gallon plastic bags.

8. Stand-Up Mega Bag

If you love the best-selling mid bag but you need more to hold, the Stand-Up Mega Bag is for you. It offers serious storage of almost a gallon of anything you want to stash away. Designed for smart packing and volume shopping, this mega bag will keep your fruits fresh, your tech protected, or your clothes sorted. This is the brand’s biggest bag and it’s perfect for family-sized meals. Think ahead and go big with this one.