8 Must-Have Starter-Kits for Zero Waste | StasherBag

Did you know that 95% of all plastic is never recycled? Do you want to make a change and replace single-use plastic bags? And are you a neat enthusiast? If your answer to all these questions is _yes_, these eight starter kits from StasherBag.com will change how you store food, makeup, and other items.

8 High-Quality Starter-Kits — Stay Organized & Eco-friendly

Keeping your life organized is easier with starter kits. Besides providing peace of mind and decluttering your space, they can help you plan the day and week ahead. They make the perfect item for those who like minimalism, are environmentally aware, or want to reduce single-use plastic storage options.

Say goodbye to disposable plastics and hello to sustainable storage solutions with these top-quality starter kits.

1. Starter Kit 7-Pack Sea Glass

With this starter kit, you get seven versatile and eco-friendly bags, all in a beautiful sea glass color.

It includes seven versatile bags to meet all your kitchen and family storage needs.

2. Starter Kit 7-Pack | Artivism

Do you love art and positive vibes? Then the Artivism starter kit is what you are looking for.

This pack includes seven bags with vibrant designs featuring symbols of peace, love, and nature.

3. Starter Kit 7-Pack | Clear

The perfect pack for minimalistic folks — Keep things simple with the Clear starter kit.

This pack includes seven clear Stasher bags made from 100% pure platinum silicone (a material that doesn’t rust or corrode, making it very practical for baking lovers).

4. Starter Kit 7-Pack | Aqua

An excellent match for anyone looking to add a pop of color to their kitchen, while displaying a calming aqua-coloring shade.

The pack consists of four sandwich bags, two snack bags, and one half-gallon bag, making it perfect for storing everyday items.

5. Starter Kit 4-Pack | Rainbow

Do you take pride in who you are? Do you simply like colorful and playful bags? Then choose a Rainbow starter kit.

This pack includes two sandwich bags, one snack bag, and one half-gallon bag.

6. Starter Bowls + Bags 6-Pack | Glacier

A combination of bags and bowls, ideal for those in need of a lot of space (if you have a big family, you know what we are talking about).

This kit includes six pieces, two 9.9-ounce snack-size silicone bags, two 56-ounce sandwich-size silicone bags, and two 22-ounce silicone bowls.

7. Bowls 5-Pack | Ocean Forest

Customize them by choosing between ocean forest, rainbow, or clear styles.

Ideal for those who need less storage but still want to remain eco-friendly.

8. Starter Bowls + Bags 6-Pack | Clear

Want to add a touch of functionality and simplicity to your kitchen?

The kit includes six pieces, two 9.9-ounce snack-size silicone bags, two 56-ounce sandwich-size silicone bags, and two 22-ounce silicone bowls. Also an excellent choice for big families.

The clear design of the bowls and bags helps you see what’s inside, making meal planning and prepping simple and efficient.

All Stasher Bags Are Safe For Use In The Microwave, Freezer, And Dishwasher, Making Them Ideal For Storing And Reheating Leftovers.