8 Dish Cleaning Products You Should Try

It’s time to switch to new cleaning products when the old one starts to perform badly. It would be beneficial for your health to upgrade cleaning products so your food stays clean and always taste good. Why don’t you try sustainable cleaning products like those from Blueland? These products are reusable so they’re environmentally friendly.

1. The Dish Duo

This cleaning product is 100% free of plastic. It’s in tablets and powder form and the packaging is also biodegradable. You simply dissolve the pod in water and it will immediately clean away grease and dirt on your dishes.

2. Dishwasher Starter Set

These dry-form tablets are effective in cleaning away dirt, grime, and grease on your dishes. This is made with plant-based and planet-friendly ingredients. One pack contains 60 tablets so it will last you for at least a month or two.

3. Dish Soap Starter Set

This is in powder form. To use this you simply pour the powder on a sponge and wet it with water and it will immediately create a thick foam. This foam will be the one to clean away the dirt on your dishes.

4. Dishwasher Refill Packs

If your Blueland dishwasher set become empty in the future, be ready with these refill packs. This is great if you often forget to do your groceries. This is also great because you don’t need to buy another container, you just have to reuse your old one.

5. Dish Soap Refill Packs

Always be ready in case your Blueland Dish Soap runs out. This refill pack will make sure that you remain environment-friendly. This pack is enough to last you another month or so.

6. Cleaning Companions.

It’s not enough to have cleaning powder and pods. Of course, you have to complete the set with a cleaning companion like this one from the same brand. It’s still planet-friendly and reliable.

7. Scrub Sponge

If you only want a sponge and you are used to using it while cleaning your dishes, then go for this one. This scrub sponge has plant-based power. This comes with a loofah- side to clean away tough stains.

8. Cloud Cloth

This cloth will help dry up your wet dishes easily. This is super absorbent so it will be easy for your to dry your dishes. It’s also gentle and soft on your hands. This is a perfect combo of a sponge and a cloth.