Majestic Beauty Of The Jardin Rose Arch

The rose arch is made up of two towers which are connected by a curved bridge known as an ogive. Each tower is topped with four statues; two representing victory and two depicting peace, although some mistakenly believe they are angels due to their wingspan. The entire structure stands 33 meters high just over 20 feet making it taller than most buildings around it. Its intricate details like intricate carvings on both sides of the towers and finely crafted sculptures all add to its majestic beauty when seen from afar or up close during a stroll through this attractive park.

On either side of the Jardin Rose Arch are breathtaking gardens filled with lush greenery and vibrant flowers that make for beautiful backdrops when taking photos or just enjoying nature’s view within this lovely area of Paris. In addition, there are plenty of benches scattered throughout so visitors can sit down, relax, and take in all the delightful sights around them while listening to music from nearby street performers who often entertain those nearby during warmer months or special occasions such as Bastille Day celebrations held here every year on July 14th.

The Jardin Rose Arch is definitely one sight not to miss if you find yourself in Paris! Whether you’re looking for romantic photo opportunities or simply want to admire its sheer size and beauty, there’s no denying that this stunning landmark adds an extra level of charm to any visit to this vibrant city!