8 Stylish and Cozy Beddings to Transform Your Bedroom

Creating a comfortable and inviting bedroom starts with choosing the right bedding. Whether you prefer crisp and classic or soft and luxurious, Standard Textile Home offers a wide range of high-quality bedding. These options combine style, comfort, and durability. Let’s look at the eight exceptional beddings that’ll transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat.

1. Circa Bed Wrap

The Circa Bed Wrap offers a stylish and modern alternative to traditional bed skirts. With its easy installation and no lifting required, it effortlessly creates the sleek look of a platform bed. Manufacturers design it to fit bed heights of 12″-16″. In addition, it’s available in various colors and features environmentally-friendly bamboo slats for added sustainability.

2. Pick Stitch Cotton Quilt

The Pick Stitch Cotton Quilt is a beautifully crafted bedding piece you can use to elevate the look of your bedroom. With manufacturers crafting it from 100% cotton, it’s soft to the touch and features textured stitching for added visual appeal. This lightweight quilt is suitable for all seasons and is perfect for layering.

3. Sateen Sheet Set (Centium Satin)

Manufacturers craft the Sateen Sheet Set using the Centium Core Technology, making them durable and keeping them soft for years to come. With their elegant appearance and brightness, they add a touch of sophistication to any bedroom. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a standard pillowcase with an envelope closure.

4. Embroidered Sateen Sheet Set

The Embroidered Sateen Sheet Set allows you to experience the ultimate luxury. With the designers crafting it with precision and Centium Core Technology, these sheets offer a silky smooth feel and exceptional durability. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a standard pillowcase with an envelope closure, making it a versatile bedding option.

5. Percale Sheet Set

The Percale sheet set comes from Supuma cotton, making it offer superior softness, strength, and color retention. With the sheet’s flat and tight weave of peace, it creates a smooth and airy sleep experience. Each set includes a flat, fitted sheet and standard pillowcase with an envelope closure. It’s the best option for everyday use as the sheets get better with each wash.

6. Cumulus Top Cover

It’s a lightweight and elegantly textured top cover. This elegant top cover features a unique cloudscape design that adds a touch of luxury to your space. Manufacturers design it from a blend of 96% extra-long staple cotton. With these features and designs, it offers a soft and comfortable feel.

7. Flannel Sheet Set

The Flannel sheet set allows you to indulge in cozy comfort. It’s a perfect option for cold weather to provide a warm and inviting feel year-round. This set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and standard pillowcase with an envelope closure.

8. Down Pillow

This pillow is expertly crafted with a 100% cotton sateen shell, providing a luxurious feel and lasting durability. It features a blend of 75% white down and 25% feather, offering a perfect balance of softness and support. With a 650 fill-power down and RDS certification, it meets the highest standards of quality and responsibility.


Investing in high-quality bedding can help transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style. Standard Textile Home offers a range of exceptional beddings that combine luxurious materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and timeless designs. Above are the top options to enhance your sleep experience and create a beautiful bedroom retreat.