Top 10 Kitchen and Dining Room Ceramics For a Fresh New Season

When outfitting your kitchen and dining room, you should ensure all the bases are covered. If you want to create a comfortable and efficient space, our light-filled and charming ceramics can boost your inspiration in your next shopping experience. Here are the top picks.

1. Wildflower Enamel Large Colander

This wildflower colander adds some personality to your kitchen preparations. You can fill it with strawberries and veggies. But what makes this product unique is the material it’s made of. It’s color-glazed in white to match your décor, not to mention the heavy-gauge steel will stand the test of time. The wildflower colander can be the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

2. Sterling Check Rattan Party Tray

Looking for a stylish way to serve breakfast in bed? The Sterling party tray begs no occasion. It measures 19.5” wide and 25.5 inches tall. To bring out a unique look, this tray mixes hand-painted sterling checks and natural rattan. When it’s time to clean, you simply wipe with a damp cloth.

3. Cow Creamery Canisters

This set of 3 canisters is inspired by everything around us. Each is painted in a black-and-white pattern and trimmed with gold luster. The small canister is 6 inches tall and 6-inch diameter, while the medium one is 6” in diameter and 7.75 inches tall. On the other hand, the large canister is 70 oz. and measures 6” in diameter and 9.25” tall.

4. Sterling Check Enamel Tumbler

Measuring 2.75” (diameter) and 4.5” (tall), the sterling enamel tumbler is the perfect addition to your kitchen or bedroom. To care for it, you simply use mild soap and water. This hand-painted tumbler should be within reach.

5. Royal Toile Tray

The Royal Toile Tray is 6” wide and 11.5” long. It’s framed with farmhouse colors and gold luster to give your kitchen a signature look. This product is handmade and dishwasher-safe.

6. Courtly Bow Tray

Want to add a pretty touch of colors to your kitchen? The Courtly Bow Tray is the perfect addition to your space. It’s 9” wide and 12” long, so you get enough room to place your perfume bottles. This Courtly Bow Tray is made of pure ceramic so it’s dishwasher safe.

7. Cow Creamery Butter Dish

This little barnyard buddy will keep butter in its place. With dimensions of 4” (wide), 7.75” (long), and 5” (tall), the Cow Creamery Butter Dish is compact to fit in your space. Plus, it’s trimmed and decorated in gold luster to suit your decor. This ceramic piece is easy to care for.

8. Courtly Cottage Hydrangea Candle Holder

Measuring 3” wide, 5” diameter, and 6.5” tall, the Courtly Cottage candle holder will bring sweetness and light to your space. The resin material comes in different colors to suit your décor. To clean the candle holder, you simply use mild soap and water.

9. Courtly Chickatee Teapot

Made of hand-painted resin with gold foil detailing, this teapot will bring you springtime sweetness. It’s tipped with two teacups to bring a signature look to your space. What’s more, it measures 7.75 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall, so you have enough space to store your favorite beverages.

10. Sterling Check Enamel Pedestal Platter

Woven by artisan’s brush, this enamel pedestal platter will give your cakes the presentation they deserve. It measures 16” in diameter and 5.75” tall to fit in tight spaces. To ensure this product doesn’t crack, chip, or break, you should clean it with mild soap and water.