Footstools And Ottomans

The citizenry is a one-stop shop for all your needs that are related to footstools and ottomans. With this site, you are going to get high-quality products for your home décor at an affordable price. They deliver ordered products within a very short time. Here are footstools and ottomans that you should consider checking out:

1. Sanjay Ottoman - Medium & Large

The Sanjay Ottoman, medium & large, is a handwoven product that is soft and durable. It is a perfect footstool for extra seating or to have coffee. If you are conscious about responsible consumer behavior, this product is for you- it follows best practices in fair trade. This product goes for only $ 399.

2. Liang wacker ottoman

Crafted from Indonesia, the Liang Wicker Ottoman is a perfect product for resting your feet up. It is hand-made and its manufacturing process follows environmental best practices. With this ottoman, you are going to enjoy a bohemian and laid-back lifestyle. If you are looking for an indoor product for resting your legs, then this is your product, and it goes for only $ 499.

3. Torres Round Leather Ottoman - Medium & Large

Made in Portugal, this product comes with stunning colors, and it gives the feeling of modernity and timelessness. It is an ideal ottoman for extra seating or taking coffee. In addition to that, you are going to choose the size and the hues that you desire, and the colors are natural, olive, and caramel. This ottoman comes with a cost of $ 799 and is delivered within 7 days.

4. The Penida wicker bench

The Penida wicker bench brings organic warmth to your home. The structural soundness of this product stands out and it has a strong aesthetic appeal. It is strong, compact, and solid, and can withstand a considerable amount of weight. It is best placed in front of the bed or at the entryway and goes for only $ 999.

5. The Torres Leather bench

This is a handsome and versatile bench that makes your room look great. This product is made from sustainable leather, and if you buy it, you will not be compromising your environmental principles. The materials are made up of foam padding, pinewood upholstery frame, and Vegetable tanned leather. This product goes for only $ 1, 599.

6. The Torres Square Leather Ottoman - Medium & Large

Made in Portugal, this is a handcrafted product that comes with appealing hues. It features a padded and sturdy wood frame which makes it easy to use. The product comes in three different colors: natural, olive, and caramel, and comes in two sizes for your convenience. This ottoman goes for only $ 899.7.

7. Java Rattans ottoman

Made by masters in craft in Indonesia, this product is handcrafted from rattan which is lightweight, but yet, durable. They bring a feeling of being laid-back, and they come with very strong aesthetics. In addition to that, they add texture to the room. This ottoman is very affordable and will cost you $ 249.8.

8. The azibo woven bench

Originating from Malawi, this product is hand-crafted with eucalyptus wood and natural rattan. It is designed to show the irregularities and variations of the material, and this makes it unique. Since its handcrafted, each item will come unique and injected with a dose of innovation. This product is going to cost you $ 439.9.

9. Torres Round Nubuck Ottoman

Originating from Portugal, this ottoman is a perfect blend of function and form. It is highly versatile and it comes with an easy complement of space. It comes with a mix-and-match design and is ethically prepared. It looks like suede, but soft suede. This product will cost you only $ 499.