Best 10 Products To Upgrade Your Home’s Decor

Usually, every homeowner spends at least 12 hours at home, after a hard-working day. It is of critical importance that your home is comfortable ad stylish enough to provide you with the essential rest that you desperately need. After all, our home is our shelter, and every small detail matters. This is why, Coyuchi has created many different organic accessories to match your decoration and take your home to the next level.

1. Topanga Matelasse Organic Throw

Inspired by California’s coastline waves, this Coyuchi creation is made of the softest and purest cotton on the market. A lightweight and rippled design, available both in saturated solid colors or chambray to choose from, this throw is a must-option for every living room.

2. Organic Cotton Laundry Bag

A smooth option to protect your delicates in the washing machine or the dryer. This undyed cotton mesh fabric that protects your undergarments or maybe your pillow covers from laundering nightmares, allowing water to circulate thus performing a more safe and thorough clean.

3. Sonoma Textured Organic Apron

Organic fabric is making its way to every room of your house, and also your kitchen with this apron. A durable and stylish option, created to fit all body types, this apron also bears two pockets upfront to prevent small essential items from getting lost and is all that your home’s cook may need.

4. Coyuchi Conserve Organic Bowl Covers

A reusable organic option is designed by Coyuchi to substitute plastic wraps and cover a variety of bowls and dishes in your kitchen. This set offers a small, medium and large cover with a stripped upper side and an elastic bottom edge in order to stretch and fit many of your dishes.

5. Climate-Beneficial Wool Dryer Balls

A smart and eco-friendly choice that replaces the regular sheets in your dryer. Naturally unscented, these dryer balls can absorb water up to ten times their weight, and reduce waiting up to 25%, while softening your clothes without affecting their texture.

6. Sonoma Organic Pillow Cover

A simple yet equally stylish pillow cover design is created using 30 years of knowledge and past textiles from Coyuchi. In three colors available, bearing contrast stripes both left and right, this 100% organic cotton creation is definitely making its way into our bedroom.

7. Organic Latex Throw Pillow Insert

This pillow insert is made of fluffy pieces of organic latex and can be equally cozy and supportive. This fabric is destined to bounce back in its original shape thus offering unique comfort in your bedroom or in your living room sofa.

8. Coyuchi Conserve Organic Snack Bags

An eco-friendly organic choice alternative to regular plastic snack bags. This set of small and medium pouch bags, with a zipper on top, is ideal for preserving snacks and nuts in your kitchen or used as a travel snack bag.

9. White Buffalo Land Trust Bandana Napkins, Set of 4

A classy creation from Coyuchi’s and White Buffalo Land cooperation is this set of bandana napkins. A woven, one hundred percent organic cotton napkin with a design that honors regenerative agriculture and all of its aspects.

10. Sonoma Textured Organic Tablecloth

A smooth and elegant organic option that embraces your home’s table. A durable tablecloth made in two rich yarn-dyed colors to choose from is all that your dishware and kitchen decor needs. The dimensions of the tablecloth are 90” x 68”.