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It’s another year filled with birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, occasions, and special holidays. To help you in giving the best and unique gifts to your loved ones this 2021, we have listed below the best 8 custom art gifts that are truly special and beautiful.

This custom art gift features a square frame filled with snapshots of the best memories all laid out into the shape of a heart. These are very customizable and you can pick the color of the frame, background, and photo prints.

This gift is very special and customizable. It features a photo or a series of photos printed in an artful way and put in a beautiful frame. You can choose the theme for the gift whether it’s for weddings, adventures, family, baby’s first year, and more.

This is the perfect gift for new couples who just bought and moved into their new home. You will just provide a photo of their house and then it will be transformed into a framed house drawing or art.

Want to give your pet lover friend a gift he/she will never forget? This custom pet portrait is the ultimate gift for all pet lovers in the world. Just send a photo of the pet and it will be transformed into a framed work of art.

Silhouettes are dramatic artworks. You can now give a custom silhouette art print to your loved ones. With this, your favorite photo of your loved one will be artfully transformed into a dramatic silhouette.

You can turn your wedding vows or your heartfelt poems into a beautiful piece of art with this gift. It is available in three printing forms: letterpress, foil-pressed, and standard.

This custom art gift will forever etch the map of a location or place that is special to your family or friend. It will be artfully printed and put inside a beautiful frame.

These unique custom art gifts will bring a personalized accent to your kid’s room. A lot of designs and concepts are available such as anatomy of a name, pastel solar system, tropical dreaming, and many more.