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The living room is more than just any other room of the house. It is both the area where the entire family gathers for some quality time, and the reception of the entire home – so to speak. It is, thus, little wonder why you have to put much thought into picking just the right kind of living room sets that will speak of the character of your home.

With the barrage of choices out there today, making the right choice can be overwhelming. Combining all of aesthetics, functionality, comfort and style, we have come up with an amazing seven (7) options for you to shop from.


There are different pieces that make up a complete living room set, and the Wydmire Standard Configurable Living Room Set provides you with the ideal opportunity to customize each and every one of them to taste.

Starting from the Minisink Sofa, Wydmire Loveseat and Wydmire Armchair all the way to the Wydmire Ottoman, you get to pick just the kind of style and quantity you want each one of them to come in.

Speaking of styles, you can switch up the upholstery of the different units to include all of light beige linen, heathered dark grey/ beige linen or pewter grey linen, depending on the overall look you are going for.

Made from the highest quality of materials and the firmest of foams on the market, family time will never be more interesting than this.

This Agnes 2 Piece Living Room Set is the ideal pick for those who don’t want something too loud for their living areas. The fact that it comes with just a loveseat and sofa combination, though, does not make it any less appealing when used just right.

You can combine these two pieces in different ways – getting more of one piece to go around while keeping the other as the central attraction. Designed by hand from a combination of maple wood and plywood, the chic microfiber upholstery on top of all that fine wood makes the living room set a welcome abode for enjoying blissful mornings, awesome afternoons and interesting evenings.

It is not every day we see a blend of fine materials being used on the upholstery of an exquisite unit, but all that is made possible by this Meade Configurable Living Room Set.

The name might have already given away the fact that you can configure the picks and materials of make to your taste, but there are more surprises in the details.

Besides the ability to choose just how you want all of the Meade Loveseat, Chaise Lounge and Sofa to be configured, you still get to pick between the offerings of a cotton or linen blend. No matter which one you pick, you get a toss pillow of matching materials.

Complete with removable cushions when need be, this is all the flexibility you must have been gunning for.

Are you worried about what will go so well with your less than bright home décor? Have you been stuck on just the right kind of living room set to complement the gentle ambience of your living area? Then you might not need to look further than this Eccleshall Configurable Living Room Set.

The upholstery materials are a blend between microfiber and microsuede, and they make for very easy cleaning.

Depending on the kind of configuration you pick, you get a matching toss pillow with your living room set. This can come in colors of red, brown or tan – based on what you think will give your home the best character feel.

If you will be arranging with family, the assembly requirements might be a great way to start you first bonding in the living room.

When we look at how stunning the Amia 2 Piece Living Room Set is, we are reminded that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy an awesome living room setup. The dark hue on this set has been perfectly picked to go with the brightest of decors or stand out against the dull colors too, no matter which one of these you have going.

It is sized just large enough that it makes good use of space and allows for a solid family time while not being so huge that it comes off as ugly in the end.

Working a polyester blend onto polyfiber and getting tufted seats out of that, the addition of toss pillows rounds up the awesome offering you get in one single package.

We have seen the 2-piece sets and have checked out what the configurable units have to offer, but this Hayleigh 3 Piece Living Room Set is unique in its offering of a sofa, loveseat and standalone chair for an ensemble effect in the living room.  

The choice of microsuede is just apt, ensuring you have that feel of luxurious comfort that you so deserve. That is only bettered in the inclusion of contemporary styling techniques to add more to the lush brilliance of your living room.

Complete with a toss pillow of like quality, you can have all you need in these three units.

How about a living room set that not only brings you chairs of varying designs to switch things up with, but a magnificent centerpiece to match? Should you be interested in that, you have no worries picking this Deerpark Living Room Collection.

Durability is ensued in the way the corners of each unit are glued, blocked and stapled for the best effect. Aesthetic is not lost on this set too, pairing a beautiful brown coloration on some units to the stylized design on the armchair and centerpiece.

Entirely designed in the US with high quality materials, this is the point where durability meets comfort with a serving of luxury on the top.

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