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What is the difference between an amazing hallway and a barely modest one? It could be a lot of things, ranging from the design of the hallway area to the floor material.

Besides those, though, a hallway runner could be the biggest difference in how beautiful and sophisticated this home space will be.

If you are here at all, chances are you know how amazing these additions can be to your home. Here are six picks to make your hallway pop.

A hallway that is known to handle heavy traffic will benefit greatly from the 0.37 inches polypropylene material that this Clair Ivory Area Rug is made of.

Its design is better pronounced in the presence of motifs to create a vintage feel. As vintage as it is, though, you will not miss the contemporary touch of brilliant neutral grey on the rug.

Working well with a rug pad to ensure it stays in place, this is the ideal rug for a home that prides itself in its minimalist decor.

The name might have already given off its color, but it does not tell of the functionality and beauty of this material.

Homes with hardwood floor will benefit the most from how the Lilah Shag Gray Area Rug warms up the area for them. Awesome as part of an ensemble for your teen’s room, the natural cloud grey is so subtle that it doesn’t clash with any other design element you might have put in the area.

Coming with a 1-inch pile height, it will not only handle heavy traffic but put a nice spring in everyone’s step.

A first glance at the Hillsby Area Rug shows that this is more than a hallway rug to cover up your floors.

The beautifully-made motif design speaks a story of its own, helping to add more elegance to whatever space you put it in. Of spaces, this rug can function as more than just a hallway runner. In fact, the Hillsby Area Rug has a place in your bedroom or living room, as you see fit.

For the lovers of blue, this area rug from Hosking brings your favorite color on board. At the back of that, the rug also does a great job of blending different shades of that color with light and neutral hues for an overall, elegant effect.

The story does not end there.

A floral medallion pattern at the heart of the rug speaks volumes and brings needed character into any space it is placed in. Made of polypropylene with a power loom technique, durability should be the least of your concerns.

Yet another unit with the blue hue, but this one takes it to new levels. Beauty and aesthetics are not lost on the Utterback Dark Blue Area Rug, setting a calm and welcoming area in its area of application.

It is almost obvious that this pick was machine woven, especially when you look at how delicately-placed scrolling motif design.

Better used with a rug pad to ensure it stays in place, this is one rug you might not be able to take your eyes off.

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