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The scenarios are endless:

You might have fumbled a glass of water/ any other drink while you are in bed. Your kid might come over to spend the night and wet the bed. No matter how the situation comes about, you are left with one outcome – water on your beloved mattress.

Like any other good mattress caretaker, this is a situation you want to avoid. To do so, getting a waterproof mattress cover is the best bet.

Here are some of the top picks on the market today

In the search for a great waterproof mattress cover, we came across this option. The best thing about it is that it does so much more – protecting you against dust, mites and other allergens in the same vein.

If that is not enough of a selling point, the Jersey Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Cover does one more by ensuring comfort of the user. That is achieved by the perfect blend of cotton (30%) with bamboo (70%), creating such a fusion that hugs you tight for a refreshing sleep.

Machine washable and safe for the dryer, this is as great as it gets.


It is one thing to be functional, but it is yet another thing to be beautiful in the same breath. Luckily for us, the TEMPUR-Waterproof Mattress Protector is both.

The material has been specially made to be as lightweight as possible, preventing the trapping of heat. Speaking of heat, the temperature balancing technology built into the mattress cover evens out the sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Although it wasn’t designed against allergens, it makes up for that by coming with snug-fitting side panels.

From the stables of Linenspa comes this Smooth Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Cover. You would almost not know this cover is there, having been designed to be as ultra-thin as possible. That ensures protection for your mattress without sacrificing the natural feel that you fell in love with. Offering protection against dust and mites, the snug fit rounds up the equation that makes this an ideal pick for any home.

If you run a risk of bed bugs, or would simply like not to take any chances, you will be better off getting this Bed Bug Proof/ Waterproof Encasement. Besides the fact that it kicks against bed bugs, it also does what we intended it for – keeping the water out.

That means all of urine, sweat, spillages and other fluids don’t have access to your beautiful mattress anymore.

Besides that, another unsung importance of this pick are its health benefits. Helping to ease eczema, its anti-allergen property makes it a great fit for those who run a risk of asthma (or other respiratory conditions).

That, and we have not even mentioned how smooth and noiseless this high-quality microfiber is.

For the kind of luxury design on this pick, one would almost think it was just a regular mattress cover. However, the Posturepedic Hypoallergenic/ Waterproof Mattress Cover is more than meets the eye.

Inside the seams of this waterproof mattress cover is a specially knit system which ensures cooling comfort throughout your sleep time. To ensure the durability of your mattresses, the design of this cover is also that there is a protective layer between your foam and the top layer.

Keeping all the moisture out while retaining the feel of your mattress, this is an obvious choice any day. And oh, don’t forget the promise of a better sleep too.

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