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Wining and dining is one thing that should be done in style, and you should never settle for less. There might be a barrage of kitchen and dining sets out there, but not all of them have the lush brilliance you are looking for.

More than just being a set where you sit to eat, they should also make every meal a memorable one for you.

Taking aesthetic appeal into consideration, while not forgetting to put functionality in the same pocket, here are a handful of great kitchen and dining sets you don’t want to miss out on.

If you are more of a simplistic person, or would like to complement the flat and minimalistic design of your home, the Brook Dining Table is an ideal pick for you any day. This piece of furniture makes it possible to add a contemporary feel with a touch of mid-century look to your dining area at the same time.

With a seating capacity of 4 and lacquered top to match, every meal will be one to be remembered.


The name of this unit might be stylish and exquisite on the tongue, but that is just an extension of what the real thing is too.

A glass top for this Edgardo Dining Table brings a premium feel to your dining experience. Stability is equally highly guaranteed in the way the table’s legs are perfectly spaced out at angles to give the best support.

Families and diners up to 6 can sit comfortably at the table without having to jam elbows. Although it doesn’t come with chairs of its own, the rigidity and durability ensured by the steel base material makes up for that quite alright.

Legendary King Arthur might have made the round table popular, but no one is stopping you from putting a personal touch on things.

This Boothby Round 42” Dual Drop Leaf Dining Table starts with a solid, wooden, round, evened out top which progresses lightly into the stylized balanced leaf form at the base. The round table can be tuned to the number of diners – taking 2 when it is fully collapsed and allowing 4 when it has been fully expanded.

Coming in a ton of different colors to choose from, you can achieve your dream of matching or contrasting your home décor with ease.

Are you looking for a functional dining table that is as rigid and sturdy as it is beautiful? Then, it looks like this Wydmire Dining Table was made just for you. This rustic-inspired table puts a retro feel into every meal you have, contributing to the magical effect of gathering your loved ones around for a lovely breakfast, lunch or dinner. The base of the material comes from wood as solid as can be, gently progressing to a concrete surface to round off the sturdy look. With a seating capacity of 6, this table can naturally be made to fit even more members of a slightly larger family/ group.
It is not every day you see a carefully-crafted piece with some of the strongest bases on the market finished with a delicately applied antique white coloring. On closer observation, this Artur Extending Dining Table does more than just being a place for eating by helping out in your décor – adding that classic farmhouse appeal to your contemporary space. The table is also adaptive of people that will be seating around it, making it one of the best picks for a larger group of diners. When collapsed, you can get as many as 6 seats around the table comfortably. Employing the removable leaf, you get as much as 8 people around the table instead.

The last, but definitely not the least pick on this list, is none other than the Landrum Dining Table. The table itself is a study in classic silhouette, employing finishing colors in such a way that they blend with every other aspect of the home.

Its base is made of solid wood, constructed in an X-shape to give even more character to the entire setup. The ensemble is then completed by an aged plank with an induced distressed look for the table top’s appealing effect.

Even though it doesn’t come with its own chairs, this table would easily seat 6 people for a great mealtime.

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