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The beginning of the new decade is the right time for home redecoration. It’s not necessary to change the interior completely. Use the following decor trends to renew existing form and content, make the atmosphere different.

New Lighting Forms

Simplicity and minimalism are the main trends in modern interior design. The new hero of decor news, designer of the year for January’s Maison & Objet Michael Anastassiades has become famous for his light collections. His works seem very simple at first sight: a line and a cone, a line and a sphere. But they are created with verified proportions, a harmony of materials, particular details and unusual light effect.

Vintage, antique art, patina and age

Vintage furniture and decor have been extremely popular in interior design for several years. Things with a history allow you to add to the interior the very zest that is necessary for every person. In combination with basic functional furniture and modern appliances, ethnic or avant-garde accents, vintage items help to change the atmosphere in the house: add humor or, conversely, a nostalgic note. After all, including vintage items in the interior is an environmentally sound solution.

Floral Prints

The floral print is able to complement the classic or any other interior. Space becomes more homely and cozy. Just a few of these touches in the form of chairs and a sofa upholstered in fabric with flowers, curtains, bed linen or an accent wall will immediately bring lightness to a strict classic environment.

High-contrast details

The easiest ideas to create contrast in the interior are to use white and any rich, dark color decor. The main thing is to remember that one color should be light and the other dark, otherwise you will get a game of shades, not contrasting colors.

Cozy Textile

Comfy textiles such as mohairs or textured wool would be the perfect complement to the vintage furniture. Blankets in the interior give the room a cozy and lived-in look.