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The interior of your house is not just limited to the color of the walls and sorts of curtains. Furniture set is also one of the main parts of your house’s interior. They can make your house look stunning and also adds value. Though, the furniture tends to get very old and weary due to overuse. As an outcome, the restoration of the furniture becomes essential.

Restoration is not only about facelift but also about making your previous furniture reusable once again. It also definitely needs several aspects of work to bring your furniture set to its actual shape. But, keep in mind, the restoration also depends on your budget as for how you wish your money to sink in. as furniture plays an extremely vital part in your house’s interior, here’re some useful tips for making your old furniture look new once again.

Research and Inspect

Before you start restoring the procedure, do a small research to determine your furniture set’s value. You can also inspect for marks, labels for determining the origin of the furniture set. After doing so, if you suspect it is worth some cash, consult an expert. You’d be careful enough not to remove a collectible antique’s looks as it’d lessen its value.


Your safety is extremely vital when restringing your old furniture set. Forever, wear long sleeves, glasses for safety, and mask to protect yourself from harmful elements during the restoration procedure.

Clean before you start

It’s vital to clean your furniture correctly using a sponge with a few vegetable based oil soap and warm water. For dedicate furniture pieces, you can use a soft toothbrush, a slender wooden dowel to get into the corners part for removing dust. Since old set accumulates tons of dust and grime after years of use, removing dust can reveal a fine finish underneath. So, cleaning is a must.


Replacing or repairing any broken part of your furniture can make it reusable one again. In a few cases, when the furniture is rusted out, you can carefully eliminate and replace them. Though, in some other cases like replacement of leg or replacement relating to the furniture’s structure, you might need to consult an expert.

Refinish or paint

For refinishing, you can utilize a mixture of sanding and chemical strippers to get the finest effect. Though, before you refinish, research the sort of stain for your furniture. If it is not worth it, paint the surface part instead. It’s finest to send finish to smooth out any other bumps before start painting. After you’re done with painting or refinishing, give your piece another fine cleaning to make sure expert looking touch.