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This year has been quite the intense one. However, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a lot of great things happening in your personal life as well. With people moving more and more towards digital galleries, it may be time to consider going back to more physical photos.

Here, we’ve found 9 different Photo Calendars that you definitely need this year. Check them out now.

Despite its name, this SIMPLE STATEMENT calendar leaves an incredible impact whenever you check out the next month’s picture.

A perfect way to hold onto the memories of your family while marking the progression of the year, OVALON really makes the year your own.

Giving your photos a decidedly MODERN NOTE, this calendar is perfect for including the whole family. Its personalized nature makes it great and distinct for every month of the year.

A great option for those with children that they’d like to have immortalized through photos, the WONDER calendar is truly wonderful.

Another amazing option that will have you checking it constantly, the CHECKED photo calendar works well regardless of your family’s size and scope.

Not only does this photo calendar work perfectly for marking you and your family’s lives, but it also includes the NEW MOON of each month, tracking it all year long.

This great calendar addition adds a minimalist aspect to your home. Holding true to its name, the MINIMAL CLASSIC does everything a photo calendar needs to do without all the noise.

Nothing quite says “a great year” like a classic calendar choice like this. The CLASSIC YEAR option is great for those that want to always be reminded of what makes this year so great.

A fun and lively option that feels more like a family project, the PAINTED SCRIPT calendar holds that loose and friendly nature to it and serves it up to you all year round.