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Admit it, you sometimes give gifts to your kid based on your own preferences. Well, here are gifts for kids that the whole family will also enjoy.

As a doting parent, you probably want to put your child’s photo everywhere. Then why not put it on a pillow? Your child will certainly find it amusing. And for sure, he/she will love how soft the pillow is.

If you want your child to appreciate art at an early age, then giving him/her gifts that represent good artwork is a good idea. Minted’s limited edition artworks will be appreciated by both kids and the whole family.

Kids like to collect stuff – photos, souvenirs, notes, etc. Pinboards allow kids to display their memorabilia. You can use the pinboard to pin notes or reminders for your child to see.

If your child is spending a lot of time in the kitchen then maybe it’s time for you to give him/her an apron and mitts set. The best thing about this set is that you can personalize it.

Do you love telling stories to your kid? Then you should give him/her a personalized triangle chair for a more comfortable story-telling session. You can even personalize this updated version of the classic bean bag.

The whole family will surely appreciate a redesign of your kid’s room with any of these cute removable murals.

You’ll surely be happy to see your kid trying to be more organized. Help him/her with a customizable notebook planner.

So your kid is going to school for the first time. Your whole family must be proud. Make sure your kid is ready with this all canvas snap backpack.