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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we all know what that means! Love is in the air! However, depending on your situation, you may not know what is the best option to get your beloved to best convey how you feel.

Luckily, that’s where we come in. In this breakdown, we’ll go over 7 Valentine’s Day Gifts that your lover will absolutely love this year. Be sure to look them over and find the perfect one for them.

A combination of design and function, this tote bag features a stylish fabric print that can be completely personalized based on what you want most. The Amour Snap Tote Bage is made from durable cotton and has a brushed copper snap closure so everything stays safe and secure.

If you want to get her something that is just as beautiful as it is easy to use, this Dopp Kit is a perfect choice. Offered in an artistic print and featuring a free personalization tag, this bag can hold just about anything she may need. Not only that, but did we mention that it’s water repellant too?

Available both with and without a frame, this beautiful image has over 24 different customizable features so that it is perfectly set for you or your loved one’s home.

Offered in over 6 different color themes, this beautiful heart puzzle so definitively tells your lover how you feel, they won’t know what to say. The puzzle is made from luxurious matte paper alongside some of the highest-quality chipboard so it’ll last a lifetime once put together.

Offered in Onyx, Navy, and Forest themes, this customized heart puzzle is equal parts fun and entertaining as it is heartfelt and loving. After the two of you spend the next few hours putting this together, watch as their eyes light up as they see your feelings for them manifest and materialize in real-time.

Available in Peach, Merlot, Creme, Navy, Sage, and Mint, this beautiful pillow is legitimately the perfect gift for her/him this Valentine’s Day. Using a picture of the two of you as the face, they will never for a second question your love as, no matter where you are (be it out on business or long distance) they will always be able to wake up next to you.

Offered in Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver theme foil, this beautiful photo can be placed anywhere in your or their home while showing just how much you love them. Placing an image of you two in the center of the word “LOVE”, they will literally be reminded every single day just how much you love them. Get it in over 17 different frame styles and 3 different color themes.